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Happy New Year! For many of us, moving forward into 2011 is an effort to shed the devastating effect of this lingering recession with hopes of a brighter future. If you are a runner, perhaps you are training for that first race of the year. I am. I have officially started training for the Lincoln (Nebraska) Marathon  on May 1st.

I should be training for Boston because I qualified for the second time in my life last July at the San Francisco Marathon. I was thrilled to qualify for the second time since it took me 11 years to qualify the first time and I wanted to kick start this blog while training for Boston. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Registration opened on October 18, 2010 and sold out about 8 hours later. I was devastated. After the shock wore off a few days later, I decided that I would focus on the positive. I did qualify and I could use the extra time to train for Boston 2012.

Sometimes things happen for a reason…

I am a big fan of Bikram Yoga . If you haven’t heard about it, I highly recommend it to maintain flexibility and range of motion. It is the same 26 postures each class and takes place in a room heated to 105 degrees. I like it because the heat allows the muscles to stretch and it is detoxifying to the body. In addition, I can gauge my progress as time passes. As a runner, I will never be as flexible as I can be, but it will help me to continue to run as I age. I try to do a class once a week.

About a week before Christmas I was rushing out of the dressing room to get to a yoga class on time. It was ironic that I was so rushed as I was going to a 90 minute yoga class (considered moving meditation). The door was ajar to the dressing room and was held open by a door stop. I rushed through that door with great determination and speed. I caught my little toe on the door stop.

I heard my toe crack.

I stumbled to the bench and took several deep breaths as the pain pierced through my body. Intellectually I knew I broke it but I was in denial. I hobbled to the class and exposed my broken toe to 90 minutes of 105 degree heat. Not the smartest thing to do. Nope, I couldn’t balance and simple movements took great effort.

I am happy to say that I was running again in a month, not at full speed, but running. I am also a fan of Homeopathy and took Arnica 30c, 3 times a day for 2 days to alleviate the very big bruise on my foot. I also took Comfrey (sometimes called Knitbone) to encourage fusing of the bones. Check out the article “Homeopathy: A Safe and Faster Alternative to Healing Sports Injuries” in the Premium Content section. It describes the miraculous healing benefits of homeopathy in more detail. No, I did not go to the doctor. What can they do for a broken toe? Not much.

My training for Boston would have been cut short by my injury, so it is a blessing of sorts that I wasn’t able to register. I’m excited about training for the Lincoln marathon. I will run with my bother Danny and his wife, Amy, who will run the half.

I’m looking forward to a great year of economic improvement and running adventures. But most importantly, I am looking forward to sharing my story with you over the next few months and hope to encourage and inspire those of you who are approaching middle age—or are already there. Share your goals on this blog. It is the first step to achieving them.

My goal is to run the Lincoln Marathon and finish strong in under 4 hours—which would qualify me for Boston a third time.

Happy New Year!

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