How to Get Your Groom Involved In the Planning Process

Most grooms come into the wedding scene way out of their league. Us ladies have DREAMED about our wedding day since we were little girls. Movies like Cinderella, Princess Diaries have shaped our wedding style. I can promise you, (most) grooms do not think twice about cabbage roses, tablecloth colors, or what style bridesmaid dress.
However, even though they may not dream of everything wedding, at the end of the day most grooms want to support you (and to some degree want to feel involved) in the big day. And most of us to some degree would love to off-load some of our tasks to our future hubby. So how do you get the groom involved? Here are five practical ways you can make sure your groom feels loved and appreciated counting down to the big day.


1. Plan the details of the honeymoon.

I know, I know. This is a BIG task to trust to your man–but I bet you if you give challenge him to plan the honeymoon of a lifetime, he’ll do it. If it makes you feel better, you can provide him with this honeymoon checklist here to make sure he stays on track. Let him choose some fun activities for you to do on your honeymoon whether it be sightseeing, mountain climbing, boating, or just laying by the ocean, trust that your man will make it happen.

2. Put together a guest-friendly playlist.

Most men love music. Why not task him with creating your “dancing” playlist. You can give him ideas from the playlist here. This is an easy thing to let go of and let your man, with the help of Spotify, craft unique playlists for your big day.

3. Craft the dinner menu.

First of all, as long as there is meat, he will probably enjoy your selection. But, this is an easy thing to let go of and trust that your future husband can choose great selections. Understandably, you may want a say in the selection, but try and let go of your control crown for a second and let him take the reins. If this is too hard to do, entertain the idea of letting him choose the alcohol or cocktail hour food being served.

4. Research all there is to research.

This is something almost all men are built to do. There are so many details to your big day that take time and energy to research. Give your hubs a list of all of the things you need to research including wedding insurance, where to rent a tux, how to obtain a marriage license, when all the out of town guests come in, where to have the rehearsal dinner, etc.

5. Create the wedding website.

This is one of those things that can get out of hand real quick. There are so many great wedding website creators out there, but creating a wedding website can be time-consuming and complicated. Why not give your future groom the opportunity to show his artsy and technical skill by creating a wedding website that you are proud to show your family and friends.

The biggest thing to remember is even though you have invested so much time in planning out this big day, it’s yours to treasure together.

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