How to Laptop Repair

Bay Computer Solutions is the original Full Component Level Laptop Repair Company; we are a company who believes in getting you back up and running fast! We have been in business for over 8 years, and our second location for over 18yrs. Our trained technicians have years of experience that factory certification will never give you, they can diagnose and repair all issues on any make or model of laptop. We are qualified specialists in all brands of laptops, including Apple repairs. Some of the services we provide are DC Jack, LCD Repairs, laptop keyboard repair, hard drive, memory, or CPU upgrades and Full Component Level Motherboard repair. Please refer to our Services page for a detailed description of all services we offer. Also our video that we have is on, you can find the video here. It shows you what we do every day. There are certain things that are kept private as to what we do, it is proprietary. Some facts to know anyone who tells you how to do component level repair is not telling you the whole truth, someone who truly does the work we do will never divulge what they do for free.

We DO NOT SUB our work out like 95% of Laptop Repair companies, we are insured, and have physical business location. We are also members of the BBB, Yelp, EBay, and Electronic Bureau of Repair.  Most of these companies have none of these credentials; in addition we have been re-balling chips with over 30 years of experience behind us. We have great feedback from all of our customers and strive for the very best in customer service and reliability. Unlike a lot of companies who don’t list their address, phone, or email, why is this it is because they don’t want you to know where they are, or how to get a hold of them. This would concern me and should concern you as well as to whom are you really sending your machine to. Do your homework before sending your laptop in for repair. There are very few people who can do rework properly to  laptop motherboard. Don’t fall for the guy who tells you he uses a IR BGA machine, these are cheap Chinese knock-offs and don’t work properly and can ruin your board with the most inaccurate heating process. Unfortunately in this business we have witnessed to many things very consistent like things mentioned above and with other companies doing such things as removing parts from your motherboards to repair say their better clients’ machines or other customers!

So we wanted to try and clear the air and help people out who really want and or need the help. We always do very best in giving the most accurate information possible that we can. We are a large volume Component Level repair facility located in the heart of Silicon Valley, SF Bay area. What we do is simple, it is component level repair? What does that mean? It means on any motherboard we can replace or repair a part soldered to the board, we can create traces, jump traces, replace SMD,  SMT, and other IC components, caps, BGA chips, etc…What we do is a niche and there are less than 5 of these companies that do what we do in the entire US. However, less than two of them do exactly what we do with the success rate in which we do it, in the US. Most of the eBay companies that advertise they do this type of work actually send it to us but advertise that they do the work.

We do most of our business (80%) for Laptop Repair Companies across the US. We are located in 2 areas in the Bay Area (Nor Cal). The first is located in South Bay (Silicon Valley), and Also East Bay, Concord Ca. There are a lot of fly-by night companies and you very much have to be careful, I would look for companies with the ability to repair the laptops on site and actually re-ball chips not reflow very important. You want to make sure that no one is scamming you, some of the horror stories we have heard from customers is unreal. Don’t buy anything less than $100 repair, you will be sorry. If you think hard, no one can spend 1-3hrs doing a re-ball and replacing a chip and make money for less than $100. A good technician costs more than this to do the work. How would they make any money? If you buy anything that is listed for less than $30 be prepared for them to call you and tell you it will be well over $200-$300.

As far as certain laptops failing all the time, this is simply not accurate or Nvidias’ fault. We currently have every single laptop brand you can think of in our shop for repair (so none are impervious to failing) and we do 30-40 repairs a day. I assure you that all laptops, even the most expensive Alienware or Sagers’, MacBook Pro’s, and or high end Dells (XPS series) will eventually die from a video chip failure when playing high end video games; there are numerous reasons that factor into this.

Video Failure doesn’t mean it can’t be brought back. It can through a process of re-balling the video chip and or replacing the video chip if it is bad due to heat. Re-flows don’t work it is a band-aid fix. If you have heard this term disregard it, if you need reasons I can provide it in another post.

In closing some of people are left to believe that the laptop came out to replace the desktop, which is just not true they will never do that. Every laptop brand and make will have problems, it’s just a fact and we repair them every day. The more and more they become more compact the hotter they run, which leaves them vulnerable to heat failure. Most laptops are used improperly as well, they do not provide good ventilation and in most cases are smothered by their users in every day use. A lot of laptop repair companies who don’t know this work can be performed, tell people just to buy a new one. What kind of advice is that?

We test and work on everything we report; we do not read Laptop company’s sites and give information based on what they say, or what we here from Google, forums, or YouTube. In most cases there information is wrong and speculation based on what they have heard at best from someone else. Most of these people don’t repair laptops, we do repair them and certainly they don’t repair on the same level as we do. Most people that do laptop repair have this work subbed out, and eventually ends’ up coming to us anyway.

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