PC Tools Registry Mechanic 9.0

My system is over 5 years old. I am a gamer and it stills does what I need at an acceptable performance level. As a gamer, I have had different hardware, software, drivers etc loaded and uninstalled over the years. I have, over time, noticed that my system is not as snappy and has booted much slower over the years. Over the years, this performance decline happens slowly as to know it has happened, but know when. My system still runs Windows XP, and if you have ever noticed, the little bar with squares that goes from left to right at the Windows splash screen can give you an indication of the boot process. (there is a point to this I promise). When I first bought my system way back when, that bar moved smoothly and kept moving into loading the profile screen. I remember being excited since my last system would would bar would scroll choppy and pause and seem to creep into the profile screen. Recently, the bar has become choppy and I sort of keep my fingers crossed that there are no issues going on.

My system was giving me issues a few days back. After shutting down the night before, the computer chose to not load into windows the following day. Not sure why, but that splash screen bar froze. The other times I have seen this is when my hard drive was toast. Nonetheless, a little safe mode system restore got me up and running again.

Thinking that I may need to do a whole operating system install again, which I know I should but too lazy to do, I did a little research on quality computer sites that recommended registry cleaning as an option to clean up a system. After seeing a bunch of products, I recognized PC Tools, since their Spyware Doctor bailed me out of a Virtumonde infection a year ago. I decided to go with a brand I trust and downloaded the scanner for free. After it installed, it did the scan and recognized 570 errors of all types. Of course, to clean them all, I needed to pay for it so I pulled the trigger. I was a bit nervous at first. Only because I know how important the registry is to even have a computer load. Nonetheless, I let the program fix the problems. I also decided to “compact” the registry. That seemed like a smart idea since I probably have holes all over the place.

After a necessary reboot, I noticed improvement right away. First, the computer loaded very fast. I mean I noticed it right away. Frankly, that was what I was least excited about. The scrolling bar I mention above.. Smooth as silk and never paused for a moment during Windows boot. To me that implied that the machine was loading more efficiently. Even more interesting, my system feels quicker with everything. The response time when highlighting with the mouse is snappier and even my homepage on the internet seemed to load quicker. Though hard to quantify, my games seemed smoother as well. I am not sure if this is a carry over of how I was impressed with the overall improvement, but moving around seemed to lag less.

Now truthfully, my system is old and never had the registry cleaned before. After all these years of installing and uninstalling, my improvement was worth the money for the product. People with new systems may not see this improvement, but scans with the product could keep a system more efficient longer. I will likely install this product with every new system I get down the road.

I know there are other options for performance in the program and I have not worked with those. One I know is a services tune up. I already have done that manually for gaming, so I did not use that. When I told a friend about my story, he said that he had an older version that had a registry monitoring program. Now that is something I will use if it has it. PC Tools documentation of the product is light and only mentions a few things on their website. They should consider expanding or if it is there, making it easier to find. However, if you ever had a nasty malware infection, a registry monitor might be a lifesaver to avoid infection in the first place or detect it early. From what I can tell, this monitor does not block entries, but will report to you after entries are made. If this is incorrect, please leave a comment and let me know.

Sorry for the long winded review, but I like to detail why I chose the product and exactly how I was impacted by it. I like to think someone may be in the same boat and be like “yes, that is what I have”.

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